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Cassie is the author of Fine Fine Music (Bunk Bed Press 2001) and is also in the Sister Spit anthology on City Lights Books. Her forthcoming book Here Comes Success will hopefully be out soon!

Three things you should know about Cassie:
  • She writes short, funny stories about crappy jobs she's had and weird things that happen to her.
  • She is a columnist in the LA punk magazine Razorcake. She has been touring with zines and comics since 2008.
  • She hosts a pug parent, a karaoke emcee, and she hosts a radio show called Here Comes Success on KPISS.fm

Five books Cassie loves:
  1. Whiskey & Robots by Bucky Sinister
  2. Burn Collector by Al Burian
  3. Angels by Denis Johnson
  4. Bastard out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
  5. The Beautiful by Michelle Tea