Before giving it all up to live the life of a sybaritic urban recluse, Benjamin wrote extensively for venues including Gannett,, Gatehouse Media, Village Voice Media, SF Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, and San Francisco Magazine. He won many awards from organizations with names like “the New York State Press Association,” but never got to pick them up in person because his editors were afraid of what he might say.

He is the author of the 2014 short story collection A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City (Cary Tennis Books), which deserved to win awards but never did. Perhaps because he never submitted it for any. However, the Midwest Book Review wrote: "Benjamin Wachs reveals a distinctive and highly personal flair for storytelling that will engage the reader's total and rapt attention throughout. As thoughtful and thought-provoking as they are solidly entertaining, the short stories comprising A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City are highly recommended and rewarding reading." So that’s nice.

To the extent anyone notices Benjamin today, it is probably as an in-house philosopher for the Burning Man Project, which he has been (under a pen name) since 2015. In that guise he has written over 230 articles for their website, including series on Art and Money, and Radical Ritual.

Benjamin’s debut novel, The Deeds of Pounce (Beating Windward Press), is scheduled for an August, 2017, release. He may not be able to show up for it in person, however, since that’s when Burning Man starts.

Three things about Benjamin:

  • There are only two things about Benjamin
  • Benjamin is, so far as anyone knows, the first journalist to ever write local news for papers on both coasts at once, during a four year period in which he covered local government in San Francisco, California, and Rochester, New York, at the same time.
  • Benjamin sings a mean sea chanty.

Five books Benjamin thinks are essential to understanding Western Culture:
  1. From Dawn to Decadence by Jacques Barzun
  2. Cultural Amnesia by Clive James
  3. Sexual Personae by Camille Paglia
  4. The First Moderns, by William Everdell
  5. The Sacred Order/Social Order series by Philip Rieff