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Credits and Current Projects
Amber writes SF with chocolate, aliens, lovesick AIs, VR, time travel, and more. Her newest book FREE CHOCOLATE, her telenovela-inspired space opera wherein chocolate will either save or doom Earth, is coming in 2018 from Angry Robot Books. She’s also working on a cyber-punky time travel series, and a YA space opera/thriller.

She has also self-pubbed two cookbooks (including one also all about chocolate), which you can find on Amazon. She’s done a long-term column on gardening/cooking/crafting for Dave’s Garden, and dabbled in other short forms.

Random Facts
Amber used to be a youth librarian, which means that if you ask her a question, you’re bound to get more information than you asked for. If it’s something she KNOWS about – say, the history of chocolate or how to make a character’s death meaningful – and you’re not going to be fascinated, you should run. Now.

Amber knows how to fly a stunt kite. But when she was first learning, she was horrible at it, and once took out a passing child’s kite at a beach cleanup fest. The fact that she persevered may – or may not – mean she’s tenacious.

Amber bakes amazing cupcakes. If you’re nice, she’ll give you one. Maybe even with sprinkles. She used to teach Cupcake Camp for kids at the same university where she now teaches Creative Writing Camp – also for kids. She teaches adult classes too.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Otters. They’re like cats, only better swimmers.
Ocean vs Mountains: Ocean. If you cut her, she bleeds ocean water, which makes living land-locked in Dallas torture on beautiful summer days.

5 Books that Have Influenced Amber
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Because if you have your towel in hand, readers will assume that the rest of your worldbuilding is too, which lets you leave out oodles of details. Adams also helps Amber keep in mind, no matter how farcical the situation, keep the characters real, and they’ll be memorable. Plus, there’s the reminder, “Don’t Panic.”

Treasure Island – Because complicated character relationships, such as between Jim and Silver, get even more fascinating when you throw in the pressures of society vs loyalty – and gun-toting mutineering pirates. Stevenson also helps Amber remember that nothing should be wasted – every foreshadowed element should take on new meaning, every Checkov’s gun gets fired. Plus it’s fun to hide in apple barrels.

Emma – Because a character’s problems are a lot more interesting when, like meddling match-making Emma, they’ve caused most of the mess themselves, but then they grow enough to figure out how to put things right. Austen also reminds Amber to give characters blind spots and flaws and things about their own nature that they just can’t see – in short, both agency and flaws. Plus, who doesn’t deserve a Mr. Knightly?

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards – Because when you’re writing a series, you need to start with a character who, like Qwilleran has a long way to arc – but at the same time, is likeable enough that the reader will follow him anywhere – even if that’s “400 miles north of everywhere.” Braun also reminds Amber to make sure that when her own characters are in danger, the reader really feels it. Plus, there’s meat pies.

The Princess Bride – Because there’s lots more puns in the book than in the movie, and that kind of attention to language gives a book a certain sensibility that lets the reader know right away what kind of ride they’re in for. Goldman also taught Amber to make every book the “Good Parts” version, and that fight to “the pain” shows that there are some things that can happen to her characters that are worse than death. Still, she’d make a horrible Dread Pirate Roberts.

Find Amber:
Website – www.amberroyer.com
Twitter – @amber_royer
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dandylyons.garden
Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/dandylyon85/
You-Tube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoA_29HV2nPmRnox9LPVanw