Amber has written a contemporary sports romance that's currently out on submission. She's also working on a *new* romance genre book - more to come, soon!

Three things you should know about Amber:
  • She likes to write stories that are sexy, but that also have a big take away. She tends to write about hard stuff, the heavy stuff, and the gnarly stuff - but with a HEA.
  • She typically writes in first person and thinks her voice is different from other books that are out there in the genres she writes in.
  • She's also a mom, tattoo enthusiast, music and book junkie, and southern. Coffee and caffeine are her friends, and she really loves bath bombs! (Give them all to her!!!)

Five books Amber couldn't live without (in no particular order):
  1. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
  2. Looking For Alaska by John Green (both of these Amber read at a time in her life where she really needed the lessons that she got from these books. She wouldn't be writing if not for these books/authors.)
  3. Anything by Cora Carmack. She was her first intro to New Adult and has been a champion to my writing. Her NA is super sexy and challenges Amber to be better.
  4. Anything by Cristin Harber - another author who's always supported her and pushed her out of her comfort zone. If not for Cristin Harber, you wouldn't even be hearing about Amber, and her military / romantic suspense novels are to die for!
  5. Literally anything KA Tucker writes has to get in her brain. Amber obsessed with anything she writes!!!